LSP Platform Topside Drilling Complex Installed

LSP Platform Topside Drilling Complex Installed

Jun 18, 2021 г.
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CNGS Engineering completed the works on the drilling complex equipment installation on the Topside of LSP ice-resistant offshore fixed platform for V.Grayfer field.

The works were performed in three stages:

  • Installation of 982 t tower base onto the top deck support frame at El. +24.750 m.
  • Installation of 166 t derrick lower sections onto the tower base at El. +35.200 m.
  • Installation of the derrick upper module and module with crown block with total weight of 67.8 t at El. +66.700.

Installation was carried out in a safe manner, in accordance with the project schedule and in full compliance with the Detail Design documentation.

Construction of LSP Topside module is currently in progress at the Contractor’s site in Astrakhan, Russia.

CNGS Engineering is the Contractor for the construction of LSP and LQ offshore ice-resistant fixed platforms, as well as for their transportation and installation on V. Grayfer field in the Caspian Sea.

Client: LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft.