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Engineering and construction of oil and gas facilities

  • Engineering and construction of offshore oil and gas field development facilities.
  • Engineering and construction of integrated facilities for oil and gas industry, such as facilities for development of conventional oil and gas fields and marginal fields, facilities for drilling, production, transportation, storage and processing of hydrocarbons, compact oil and gas treatment units, early production systems.
  • Implementation of integrated projects providing special contract conditions (EPC, EPIC, EPCM, LSTK).
  • In-house engineering and construction facilities with all the required integrated and specialized works and services, including, but not limited to offshore engineering surveys, design, construction engineering, procurement and logistics, construction and installation, commissioning, offshore installation of facilities, underwater operations, start-up activities, technical support and warranty maintenance.
    • Offshore fixed platforms
    • Subsea pipelines and subsea cable systems
    • Subsea production systems
    • Single-point mooring terminals for hydrocarbons handling (SBM, CBM, etc.)
    • Oil and gas treatment units
    • Process units for oil and gas production and treatment at fields
    • Oil and gas transportation pipelines
    • Storage facilities (tank farms) for hydrocarbons storage and handling
    • Pump stations
    • Petrochemical
    • Offshore engineering surveys
    • Design and engineering
    • Installation of offshore facilities (offshore fixed platforms, single-point loading/unloading systems)
    • Installation of subsea pipelines and subsea cable systems
    • Fabrication of structures and process facilities of offshore fixed platforms, terminals, production systems
    • Installation of steel tanks, pipelines, installation and piping of process equipment
    • Installation and commissioning of power supply systems and generating facilities
    • Installation and commissioning of instrumentation systems
  • Integrated EPC, EPIC Projects:
    • 29 offshore fixed platforms for drilling and oil and gas production
    • 28 subsea trunk and intrafield pipelines (over 600 km) for oil and gas transportation
    • 11 submarine electric and low-voltage cable lines (over 37,000 m)
    • 8 oil treatment units
    • 37 tanks (up to 90,000 m3), 9 storage facilities (tank farms with infrastructure) with a total volume of over 1,200,000 m3
    • 28 offshore fixed platforms reconstructed with their certificates for operation extended
    • 12 offshore single-point mooring systems (such as SBM, CBM) for oil and petroleum products handling
    • 28 tanks reconstructed with their certificates for operation extended
    • 5 fabrication yards for fabrication and load-out OFP supermodules and construction of subsea pipelines and cable lines
  • Construction and Installation:
    • 64 OFP support structures fabricated and loaded out
    • 54 OFP Topside modules fabricated and loaded out
    • 95 OFP conductors fabricated and driven
    • 58 OFP support structures installed offshore
    • 54 OFP Topside modules installed offshore
    • 16 OFP in offshore fields removed for dismantling or subsequent upgrade
    • 2 subsea production systems installed and commissioned in offshore fields
    • 14 oil treatment units installed on onshore and offshore hydrocarbon fields
Health, Safety and Environment
  • The highest priority for management and personnel of the Company.
  • The Company is certified as per OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards.
  • The management and personnel strictly adhere to and ensure compliance with established priorities and approved documents:
    • Occupational Safety and Health Policy;
    • Alcohol and Drugs Policy;
    • Cessation of Works Policy;
    • Environmental Protection Policy.
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