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Offshore fixed platforms

One of the priorities of CNGS Engineering is construction of offshore fixed oil and gas platforms for various purposes.

Company’s specialized units have all the technical means and equipment required to perform construction and installation works in difficult environmental conditions.

Operational capacities and a reliable team of high-level technical experts allow performing the entire scope of works to construct various types of offshore fixed oil and gas platforms for various purposes:

  • Structural fabrication of Jackets and Topsides of offshore fixed platforms is carried out at dedicated fabrication yards of CNGS Engineering;
  • Installation of process equipment and piping, platform Instrumentation system, as well as electrical installation works at the facility under construction;
  • Load-out and seafastening of platform structures on transportation and installation vessels and structures transportation to installation point are strictly compliant with procedures approved by Marine Warranty Surveyor;
  • Management of marine operations upon installation, including management of marine spread and DGPS positioning;
  • Offshore installation of platform structures by means of technical marine spread and supply vessels of CNGS Engineering;
  • Piling arrangement, including pile driving operations;
  • Commissioning and hand-over of completed facility into operation witnessed by representatives of Client, Third Party Inspection with assistance of equipment Vendors.

To perform the above work packages CNGS Engineering has necessary certified equipment and rigging, including, but not limited to the following:

  • equipment and rigging for metal cutting, welding and heat treatment;
  • equipment for structural installation, assembly of modules, Topside equipment process piping;
  • equipment for non-destructive testing of weld joints allowing radiographic inspection, ultrasonic inspection and magnetic particle inspection;
  • pile driving equipment and specially trained personnel;
  • offshore floating installation cranes with load capacity of 100 up to 300 tons;
  • specially trained personnel to operate the DGPS;
  • marine spread for supply, towing, marine operations, personnel accommodation;
  • state-of-the-art equipment for diving and submerged installation operations including instruments for measurements and subsea survey of pipelines and platform structures, underwater cutting and welding equipment for structures;
  • equipment for fireproofing and corrosion coating application, including abrasive blasting, abrasive agent collection and regeneration, application and quality control of corrosion coating;
  • special equipment and lifting machines to fabricate and 3D assemblу of structure;
  • equipment for transferring modules up to 2000 tons along the site;
  • technical means and qualified personnel for installation of electrical equipment and automation systems, arrangement of commissioning.