Subsea pipelines and subsea cable systems installation

Subsea pipelines and subsea cable systems installation

Due to many years of experience acquired during execution of projects varying in difficulty, CNGS Engineering holds a confident place on the market of services provision to oil and gas sector operators and contractors.

During construction of the offshore fixed platforms the specialists are faced with many demanding and difficult tasks, which include continuous power supply to the facility and transportation of the recovered product.

During implementation of the above-mentioned tasks, Company offers to its Clients the following scope of services related to subsea cable lines construction:

  • offshore engineering surveys;
  • engineering in the scope required to execute the operations on subsea cable lines installation
  • purchasing, inspection, acceptance, expediting and transportation of project materials;
  • laying subsea power and data cable lines using specialized cable laying vessel and burying cables;
  • cable lines testing;
  • geodynamic and hydrological monitoring systems underwater part installation;
  • commissioning works.

Subsea pipelines installation services, rendered by CNGS Engineering, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • offshore engineering surveys;
  • engineering in the scope required for subsea pipelines transportation and installation;
  • fabrication of transported 3-D sections of pipelines;
  • heat insulation and heat tracing of pipelines;
  • transportation, laying, ballasting on a seabed; free spans elimination
  • pipe spools and risers installation, connection to onshore facilities and process equipment of offshore fixed platforms;
  • pipelines testing; cleaning, calibration and drying of cavity;
  • means of cathodic protection;
  • preparation and execution of commissioning works;
  • development of subsea tranches including arrangement of landfall in the shore line;
  • reconnection of pipelines and replacement of the existing pipelines sections (including live ones).