Power Supply Systems and Generating Facilities Installation and Commissioning | Services of CNGS Engineering Company

Power Supply Systems and Generating Facilities Installation and Commissioning

Own construction facilities allow CNGS Engineering to perform a full complex of electrical and installation works during the offshore fixed platform topsides fabrication, pump stations, tank farms, single point mooring terminals construction.

The division of company performing the abovementioned works is fitted with all the equipment necessary to perform the works in the shortest time span and with adequate quality. Thus, the solutions implemented on the facility being constructed are tailored for the needs of client- company, which is a firm foundation for further development of the facility infrastructure.

Specialized services include, but are not limited to the installation of the following:

  • tray routes systems of any complexity;
  • cable systems including cable termination for cable glands;
  • power supply systems, including power equipment, various distribution boards, control boards, pumps, electric motors etc.;
  • facilities lighting systems;
  • vessels, pipelines and instruments heat tracing systems including heat tracing control systems;
  • earthing and lightning protection systems;
  • various hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, including the entire complex of impulse lines installation on fitting connections of any standard sizes;
  • fire alarm systems;
  • various telecommunication, access control, video survey and alarm systems.

Strict compliance with HSE policy by company employees during execution of electrical and installation works is an established priority.