Subsea production systems

Subsea production systems

CNGS Engineering offers solutions for subsea field development, including engineering of subsea infrastructure followed by equipment selection, installation, hook-up, testing and commissioning.

As is common in specific circumstances, part of hydrocarbon production processes from offshore field may be required to be submerged. This necessity may be based on technical considerations or may be stemmed from economic expediency. Contrary to popular belief, in certain circumstances it may be less expensive to move part of main production processes under water than to develop the field according to the classical concept, using metal-intensive platforms for various purposes. In any case, to determine the optimal concept for offshore field development, a comprehensive in-depth analysis is required, which CNGS Engineering can perform at the pre-FEED or FEED stage.

Unprecedented experience in this area was gained by CNGS Engineering from close cooperation with industry leaders in subsea production and offshore operation systems such as FMC Technologies, Aker Solutions and General Marine Contractors. In particular, a unique project on the subsea development of a field in the Azov Sea under the conditions of seasonal icing was implemented. The implementation of the aforesaid project in accordance with the conventional concept, with account of proven reserves, was considered unfeasible.

CNGS Engineering also has the capacity to fabricate individual elements of subsea infrastructure and its own marine spread to install these elements in the field.

The above opportunities and accumulated experience allow Company to effectively work as an integrated EPIC contractor on field development projects with subsea production processes or to act as an integrator in certain areas of subsea development, uniting many field-specific contractors and vendors of equipment and systems.