Subsea cable lines

Subsea cable lines

Nowadays construction of offshore oil production platforms is being actively developed at the Russian shelf. Reliable and continuous electric power supply of these platforms is one of the priority issues during their operation.

CNGS Engineering performs a set of works on subsea power cable systems construction:

  • offshore engineering surveys;
  • design and engineering;
  • project management;
  • materials procurement;
  • installation and burying;
  • connection and commissioning.

Company operated marine spread includes a special cable laying vessel CLV EAST RIVER designed for subsea power and fiber optic cable lines laying including laying in shallow water areas.

The vessel is capable to lay cable using dynamic positioning system at shallow water areas with depth from 3.5 m. Also the vessel performs cable burying operations, marine operations, diving operations and surveys.

CLV EAST RIVER is equipped with a cable laying complex for subsea power and fiber optic cables and with integrated cable laying control systems.