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Instrumentation Systems Installation and Commissioning

Intelligent control, or the new era of process automation, is a reality associated with the activities of all modern companies. Today, any company in the oil and gas sector uses automated instrumentation and control systems.

The key to the uninterrupted operation of process equipment is the stable and accurate operation of instrumentation, and, therefore, the specialists who are responsible for adjustment, setting, and start-up of the monitoring and control systems have the appropriate qualifications to ensure trouble-free and reliable operation of the entire facility.

That is why CNGS Engineering has a specialized unit, including a commissioning and warranty maintenance unit, equipped with the necessary equipment, tools, instruments and software to complete the full range of related work at construction sites.

One of the key links in the operational process chain is the qualified, experienced personnel. The team of CNGS Engineering has unique experience in installation and commissioning of instrumentation and automation systems both within EPIC projects and as an individual service in the CIS countries and abroad.

The unit carries out installation and commissioning of specialized high-tech equipment (including explosion-proof), which includes:

  • various shut-off and control valves with electric and pneumatic types of actuators (SDV, MOV, PCV, LCV);
  • Wellhead Control Systems (WHCP);
  • valve control systems (ESDV);
  • electric and pneumatic chemical injection skids (CIS);
  • diesel generator stations of various capacities;
  • systems for preparation of instrument and process air;
  • navigation aids;
  • process control systems;
  • systems for emergency shutdown and detection of fire and gas;
  • SCADA systems.

During commissioning, CNGS Engineering specialists perform the following functions:

  • participation in incoming equipment inspection;
  • conducting the required testing and functional testing of equipment for performance compliance;
  • monitoring of changes to the design documentation based on the results of construction and commissioning;
  • control of preservation and mothballing of equipment;
  • performing the required scope of commissioning with presentation of the results to Customer and an independent inspector;
  • conducting trainings for the Customer’s personnel.