Environmental protection | CNGS Engineering Company

Environmental protection

The company is aimed at achieving compliance with the up-to-date standards of environmental management.


Continuously improve corporate approaches to environmental protection, resource conservation and pollution prevention.


Company’s environmental impact during its activities determines its social accountability.

Company's environmental policy applied to all construction sites, branches and offices should:

  • comply with Client’s requirements and legislation of the Russian Federation in environmental protection and progressively improve the environmental management system in accordance with the best international practice in the industry;
  • ensure personnel and contractors’ compliance with their environmental obligations;
  • optimize the use of energy and all resources by company;
  • promote environmentally-driven innovations of products and operational processes, as well as new business opportunities;
  • Build amicable relations with every community we work.

Management of the environmental protection system is the daily management priority in each subdivision and branch of the company and a connecting link for all employees from fab yard worker to Director General.

The company attracts resources and allocates funds required to preserve the environment when executing projects within its footprint.

On all company’s levels and in all its operation areas, the fulfillment of environmental objectives is being monitored in real time.

Our goal is steady improvement of environmental performance.

Being the company with high social responsibility, we create products that best serve the interests of environmental protection, and we also continuously improve it to increase environmental efficiency and favorable business development.