Quality Management System | CNGS Engineering Company

Quality Management System

Development and implementation of quality management system is a strategic decision of CNGS Engineering Top Management adopted in 2002 in order to optimize the overall corporate management structure and create the necessary conditions facilitating the sustainable development of the company over the long term.

Scope of CNGS Engineering Quality Management System Application

Design and construction & installation works, exercise of general designer, general contractor and construction manager functions, including at extremely hazardous, technically complex and unique oil and gas facilities.

Strategy of CNGS Engineering:

  • development of competitive and effective strategic actions and business approaches;
  • development of an effective project management system for projects of any complexity;
  • development of key success factors: talent and potential of employees, operational, investment and management efficiency;
  • increasing the company's reputation to create business alliances that provide leading positions in major market segments;
  • updating of organizational models and improving forms of communication with all stakeholders.

Key Principles of CNGS Engineering:

  • no matter how good our work is, we are constantly looking for new solutions;
  • we ensure unity and clarity of goals, resources and processes management aimed at continuous improvement, we create an environment in which personnel work as a team;
  • senior staff trust and delegate the necessary authorities to employees, explain the mission, goals and objectives, create decent conditions for creative work, encourage high-class work while giving the highest rating to the collective result, in which the share of individual work is clearly visible;
  • we build partnership relations based on a common strategy, experience exchange;
  • we provide maintenance, analysis and continuous improvement of the system of interconnected and mutually agreed processes to improve performance results and increase competitiveness of the company.

Values of CNGS Engineering:

The main value is our employees, their knowledge, abilities, qualifications and experience.

Honesty and responsibility - creation of long-term trust relationships within the company, as well as with clients and other stakeholders, as the basis for successful business.

Corporate culture - an operating and service, business and personal relationships culture.

Teamwork - the work of a team of specialists who are united by a unity of goals, coherence in actions, devotion to the interests of the company.

Continuity and sequence of CNGS Engineering actions aimed at developing and improvising the quality management system allow us to guarantee our clients and business partners the fulfillment of established requirements and demonstrate the potential to exceed expectations in the process of cooperation.