Storage Units and Transfer Terminals for Crude Oil and Refined Products

Storage Units and Transfer Terminals for Crude Oil and Refined Products

CNGS Engineering successfully implements construction projects for tank farms and tanks of any capacity to store crude oil and refined products, as well as reconstruction and development of crude oil and refined products handling facilities.

Availability of the necessary special equipment, construction and installation machinery and qualified specialists allows construction of tanks up to 150,000 m3 capacity compliant to international standards of quality system, occupational safety and environmental protection within the project time frame.

Scope of works performed by CNGS Engineering during construction of tank farms and development of oil plants includes but not limited to the following services:

  • process engineering;
  • preparation of work site;
  • arrangement of temporary facilities (hard-surfaced temporary roads and roundabout passageways, construction area fencing and demarcation of hazardous areas, temporary construction camp and accommodation camp etc.)
  • work package to develop foundations of various complexity and tank structures;
  • fabrication and 3D assembly of tank shell steel structures;
  • fabrication of shell steel structures to be installed in tanks;
  • construction of shell tanks;
  • corrosion protection of tank shells and steel structures, coating with complete paint system as per project, tank shell heat insulation with arrangement of a ventilated rigid protective enclosure (facade) made from profile rolled steel;
  • installation of specialized process equipment and process piping on tank shell, as well as structures and pipelines in tank farm dikes;
  • installation of Instrumentation systems, fire and safety alarm systems both on tank itself and for tank farm networks;
  • installation of fire-fighting and water supply systems;
  • installation of power supply and energy supply systems;
  • work package to construct pump and compressor stations;
  • construction of tank car and railroad car loading and receiving racks.

CNGS Engineering has its own installation and welding equipment spread to construct tanks of various capacity plate-by-plate by top-down shell construction.

This method specifically features the wall being assembled starting from the top chord and stiffening ring. Assembled top chord is lifted by hydraulic jack system, after that the next chord is installed underneath. Further the wall is lifted and builds up from below to reach the required elevation. The advantages of this method are as follows:

  • higher installation accuracy and quality;
  • top-down construction of wall with stiffening ring prevents wall from collapse or damage caused by strong wind gusts;
  • no need to fixate the wall during installation;
  • minimizes the need for installation and welding works at heights;
  • method allows to use high-performance welding of girth welds;
  • ease of access to welds for inspection and non-destructive testing, since all main welding activities are carried out at level no higher than 2 meters above ground;
  • significantly reduced installation time.